Ernst Giselbrecht, born 1951 in Dornbirn, Austria, can be considered one of the new leading figures of the Graz school. He has replaced the formal expressivism, which was the early trademark of this movement, that quickly gained international acclaim, with a more rational architectural language. A factual design, autonomy and readability of the structural parts as well as an unpretentious use of contemporary technology define Giselbrecht's work. The materials are used sparingly in accordance with the requirememnts of the location and the function of the building. The results are highly different buildings with diverse functions: educational and residential buildings, offices and workshops, as well as health and administrative buildings. The architect has also designed exhibitions, and has himself been the subject of numerous exhibitions. The website offers a selection of 24 buildings and projects whose aesthetic effects and construction are examined in detail.
Single Family Houses
  Papst Residence, Eisbach-Rein
  Taucher Residence, Graz
  Huber Residence, Bregenz
  Russ Residence, Bregenz
Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  Railway Station, Kaindorf
Educational Buildings
  Higher Technical Federal School, Kaindorf/Sulm
Office Buildings
  Carinthian Health Center, Klagenfurt
Other Buildings
  ENT-Clinic, Graz

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